At this time when we were faced with a new way of learning, the need for digital literacy and the availability of digital materials became apparent. People and students have faced the limitations of their own freedoms and we have realized that the virtual world offers us many options only that we still do not know how to use them.


With this project we will get access to the world, new opportunities will open up for us that will create a new normal way of life and learning. Digital literacy has become the most important way of learning and those who do well will be able to succeed in life and advance in education. Our students will learn new important things, and also as a result, the product of their work will enable other students to learn more easily and acquire new knowledge.


By cooperating, we will get a product that will raise the quality of teaching. It's about interdisciplinary teaching in the context of culture, environment, economy, web design.


Students and other interested citizens will use this product to improve their knowledge of the culture and cultural monuments of their city in an interesting and simple way. Students will work in applications and digital teaching content to improve their English language skills and will improve their knowledge of the history and sights of the cities participating in the project. They will be able to learn the material in a new and interesting way. It will no longer be dry learning from textbooks but will be able to experience landmarks with digital content as if they were really there. Working with other students from foreign countries in addition to learning the language, connecting with them will improve their social skills.


Great contributions to the development of tourism in the participating cities, will be also achieved. It is also significant that it will be available to all interested citizens.

About Us

Our Goal

To enable the success of all students, especially those with fewer opportunities.At the level of schools within that priority is to support holistic approaches to teaching and learning and cooperation among all stakeholders in schools, project will be focused on promotion interdisciplinary collaborations, application of innovative approaches to learning, development of creativity, which supports the integration of the language dimension into curricula and ensures that students complete compulsory education.

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